The Journey Begin’s!

Hi,my name is Nelly. I’m 21 year’s old and I love words. Words get me through heartbreak. They get me through disappointment. They get me through anger. They make me happy. I go to words when I need motivation to do something. They cause me pain. They also get me through it. What I am trying to say is that word’s are everything to me. I created this blog on 20th June 2018. I have never written a word on it until today.(Really?? For someone who has declared her undying love for words like that you should have done better!).

Why didn’t I post anything for that long?

I was afraid of putting my thoughts out here. Because a lot of things come with exposing your thoughts online. I was somehow not ready for it. But I am now.

Why did I start writing?

Writing to me is like this great Man I met kwa queue ya bank. I mean, I was in a really dark place in my life. Around that time I created this blog. And writing somehow helped me heal. It still does during some of those days when I need to talk to someone. I have written some really deep,dark and exciting poems since then that I will be sharing with you.

You all know how frustrating those long queue’s za bank are… especially if you are the last one… Lucky for me, this tall handsome Man with a great smile joined me. He was friendly but not in the ways most people would call friendly. Easy going. Didn’t swim in the shallow ends. I do not belong there either. I felt the connection immediately. The queue moved really fast on that particular day. And the best part was,he was single!

After some dates,I realized he was also hardworking, passionate,loving and focused. Was he just putting up an act? Or was it my insecure self talking to me? We went on some more dates. Which were great. But I was still uncertain about him. I couldn’t control my anxiety anymore. So one day I asked him,”Are you sure you are this great?”

He laughed a little then said,”I can really be arrogant. And I am going to drive you nuts with my arrogance sometimes. I hope you stick around long enough to experience all of me.”

So he is smart,emotionally available,funny and honest too. We are going to explore this one self.He seems like a great adventure. Let’s give him our best shot. And see where we go.

What am I planning to achieve with this blog?

Like every other human being,I have a dream. My dream is to become a great writer. Create words that will make a difference to myself and people who can relate with me. I figured this is a good place to start. Build my relationship with words. And See how great we become. Plus the voices in my head have gotten a little too loud for me lately now that I’m done with my degree and am unemployed. This is a good Place to channel those voices before they make me more insane than I already am he he…It’s a great time to finally face my fears!

Welcome to my thoughts you all.😊

To be continued…